About us


About the name: We asked the New Zealand Companies Office if we could use the name The Company and they said no. We asked them to get a legal opinion and a month later they came back and said that there was no prohibition on the name, so we acquired it. The word company is very old, and it originally meant sharing bread (pan is the originally from the Late Latin word companio "companion, one who eats bread [pane] with you"). 

The Company Ltd is a Social Enterprise - the triple bottom line of planet, people, profits, or to use the Maori words of the Treaty whenua, kainga, taonga

Our mission is to promote, organise and build MarketTowns.

We are a business, because building MarketTowns is a business, not a charity. However, while it is wealth-creating, its business focus is to plan for seven generations.

Below is a recent Trey Ratcliff Vortex talk in which Claude Lewenz was invited to speak on MarketTowns