Creating a Local Economy

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Developers normally do not concern themselves with the local economy. They build industrial and commercial space when the economy is growing and business is buying. They build housing when the economy is attracting new buyers - either because businesses are hiring, interest rates drop or people are making more money so they can buy new homes. That system is based on transport, and as growth occurs, the roads become congested and a whole host of new problems crop up.

In contrast, a MarketTown focuses on creating a new local economy that is not dependent on regional growth. In fact, a MarketTown can become an economic engine for a weak regional economy so long as the growth factors for the MarketTown are present. These include access to ultra-fast broadband (fibre optic), reasonable access to a major airport when long-distance travel is needed, and the basic requirements of water, a pleasant climate, topography, law and peace.

The MarketTown is a mixed use settlement made of about 20 side-by-side villages around a cosmopolitan town centre. This means that small enterprises are run in the villages. Every home is permitted to have a home office. On primary streets, the businesses can have significant foot traffic and deliveries. The busiest businesses will be on the village plazas. Medium-sized, white collar businesses operate in the 3 and 4 story office buildings in the cosmopolitan town centre. Blue collar businesses, that are inappropriate near where people live, are run in the walk-to industrial park. Most of these will be 21st century, clean-room industries that use high-tech manufacturing.

Instead of focusing on selling homes, the MarketTown focuses its efforts on attracting businesses and jobs. At least 20% need to sell local-to-global (L2G) meaning that they are fibre-based businesses that could locate anywhere there is ultra-fast broadband. They will move to the MarketTown because of the other attractions. These are the money importing businesses. When that money becomes income for the people who own or work in those businesses, it then is spent locally. This is called the multiplier effect, or money-turn.

This is where critical mass comes in. This is why the MarketTown needs  5,000 to 10,000 people. Businesses that sell Local to Local (L2L) need customers. Local incomes include service workers, teachers, professions, shops, recreation and so on. Some are essential, others discretionary. Some are hybrids, such as those serving the visitor industry. The income comes from outside, but the goods and services are sold locally. An attractive MarketTown can be expected to have a major visitor industry that operates year round.

A local economy is about business owners living and spending in the VillageTown, not a franchise, chain or licensed business where money is exported.

To thrive, about 20% of the VillageTown businesses should be money importers, meaning they sell local to global (L2G). Given JPV's location these should be businesses that thrive anywhere there is high-speed broadband and access to an international airport.

The money these L2G businesses imports is then spent by the owners and employees on businesses that sell local to local (L2L).

For this reason VillageTown marketing focuses not on selling homes, but on attracting head-of-household jobs.


Below is a partial list of businesses and jobs that would be part of the L2L economy. In addition to these jobs, the VillageTown will have artists, musicians and other members of the creative class.

Food/drink shops Appliances/Repair Learning Food/drink svc
Bakeries Barber Adult Education Bistro
Bottle Shops Beauty Salons Art Galleries Breweries
Butchers Caterers Art Schools Cafes
Cake Shop Community/NonProfit Botanical Gardens Farmers Market
Chocolatiers Computer Services Children-Daycare Ice Cream Store
Coffee/Tea Supply Cosmetics/Beauty - Kindergarten Juice Bars
Confectionery Couriers - Primary Pubs/Bars
Dairy Products Day Spas - Secondary Restaurants
Delis and Dairies DJs College/Private  Takeaways
Fruits/Vegetables Domestic Services Cooking School Travellers' Inn Hall
Gourmet Dry Cleaning/Laundry Dance School Vineyards/Wineries
Grocery Stores Electricians Drama School Local Businesses
Seafood Event Organisation Language Schools Banks/Financial
Specialty Food Furniture Make/Fix Libraries Cemetery
Retail Gardeners Museums Credit Union
Antiques Retailers Glazier Music School Farming
Arts/Crafts Retailers Graphic Design Music Venues Film Production
Astrology, New Age Handyman/woman Special School Infrastructure Svcs
Bike/Ebike Shop Holiday Services Tutoring Local Govt. Maint.
Bookstores Import/Export Agents Universities Motorpool-Carwash
Chemists Interest Groups Health - Mechanic
Clothing Retailers Interior Design Acupuncture - Operations
Computer Store Internet Publisher Aged Care  - Rentals
Costumes/Formal Internet Services Alternative Medicine Storage
Electronic/Computer Interpreting/Translate Cardiologists Accommodation
Eyewear Retailers IT/Telecom Services Chiropodist Airbnb Mgt.
Fabric Stores Landscaping Chiropractors Bed/Breakfast
Fashion Local Governance Counselling Home Minding
Florists Makeup Artists Crisis Care Hostels
Framing Marketing Dentists Hotels
Furniture Stores Media/Communication Doctors Property Mgt.
General Retailers Mortgage Brokers Emergency Services Rental Mgt.
General Store Motorpool Rentals Massage Tenting/glamping
Hardware Stores Nail Salon Medical Centres Traveller Inn-Room
Health Stores Nursery Gardening Mobility Aids Sports/Entertain
Hobby Shops Packing OB/GYN Badminton/Squash
Home Pools/Spas Painters Opticians Bike/ebike rent/svc
Jewellery/Watch Party/Event Planning Oral Surgeons Boating
Leather Goods Pest Control Paediatricians Bowling
Lingerie Retailers Pet Boarding Pathologist Cinema
Locksmiths Pet Care Physiotherapy Comedy Clubs
Luggage Retailers Photographers Podiatrists Golf
Maternity Retailers Plumbing Pregnancy Services Gymnastics
Musical Instruments Post Office Psychiatrists Gyms/Fitness
Office Equipment  Printers Professions Horses/Equestrian
Outdoor Gear  Professional Services Accountant/Bookkeep Martial Arts
Party Supplies Publishers Advertising Nightclub
Security Supplies Radio/TV Stations Architect/Designers Parachuting
Shades/Blinds Recorded Media Business Broker Personal Trainers
Shoe Stores Recording Studios Business Consultant Pilates
Ski/Snowboard Removalists Business Opportunity Playgrounds
Sporting Goods Rubbish Removal Business Services Pool Halls
Stationery Security Services Engineering Skating Rinks
Toy Store Sewing/Alterations Environment Consult Sports Clubs
Used Goods Shoe Repair Financial Services Sports Field Mgt.
Vintage Clothes Signwriting Insurance Stadiums/Arenas
Wedding Supplies Upholstering Investing Swimming Pools
Religious Watch Repair Lawyers Tennis
Church, temple, etc Web Design Legal Services Theatres
Funeral Svcs Web Hosting Public Relations Venues/Events
Religious Stores Wedding Planning Veterinarians Yoga
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