Listening to scientists and experts paints a worrisome future. As of late Global Warming/Climate Change gets the main press. However, while humans are prone to silo thinking, humanity is a part of Nature, a part of a global ecosystem in which everything is related. Stripping arable land of its topsoil is an issue that will continue even if we found a way to remove excess greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. It is in a different silo than climate change, but is no less threatening. When scientists say at the present rate of depletion we have sixty harvests left, that is a serious threat to civilization as we know it. Segregation of elders and separation of children from adult role models may not be life-threatening in the same way as global warming, but they unnecessarily destroy the cultural connections that are part of Human Nature.

It is an interesting exercise just to make a list of all the bad news and dire projections dispassionate scientists and scholars tell us are or will be the outcome of our business as usual direction of our civilization and its systems. We welcome your feedback on this growing list:


ECOCIDE: The War on Nature CIVICIDE: The War on Civilization CULTURECIDE: The War on Culture
Species extinction Wealth based on peak oil Structural interpersonal disconnection
Collapse of marine ecosystems Cataclysm migration Fragmenting families
Ice shelf melt and sea level rise Economic polarization No provision for aging population
Fukushima-type nuclear leaks Toxic profits based on cost-externalizing Lack of opportunity for youth
Rise in global air temperature Regional/global economic collapse Habitat homogenization
Topsoil depletion (60 years left) Structurally high unemployment Loneliness and social isolation
Chemical farming toxicity Unaffordable housing Risk-averse childrearing
Ocean acidification/ocean hypoxia Crime tolerance Youth segregation, role-model isolation
Dead-zone seas Neo-diseases such as cancer/diabetes Elder segregation & isolation
Fish food stocks dwindling Urban transport congestion Atrophied citizenship
Future food shortages Lack of start-up capital Substance abuse
Water shortages and pollution Local government debt-blowouts Failing, isolated schools
Farm-fouled waterways Nature deficit syndrome Youth alienation & suicide
Bee colony collapse disorder Night-light pollution Arts commoditization
Exotic species colonization Noise pollution Internet addiction
Localized air pollution Weakening immune systems Social disconnection



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